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About us

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HAUSLIFT Elevators & Escalators was founded in 1982 specializing in supplying, installing and maintaining all kinds of elevators. Within it's first decade, HAUSLIFT partnered with one of the most esteemed elevator companies in the world to establish mutual collaboration with strategic plan and a will full of ambition, HAUSLIFT elevators and escalators invested a great deal of effort and money to go global and to expose itself to international markets. HAUSLIFT succeeded within it’s 2nd decade to stand tall among the First–Class, high quality elevators producers.

For more than 35 years, creation, innovation and progress have always been our main goals. Throughout HAUSLIFT 's existence and experience, a number of significant projects have been carried out, where perfection and the passion for excellence always were main characteristics. Among our setup of aspects and goals, innovation and creation are representing cornerstones. Our most recent generation of elevators and escalators along with our efficient machines and advanced generation of computerized / programmable controllers are leading the way to continuous development.

Quite aware of its responsibility towards insuring a safe trip and transportation of people, HAUSLIFT applies the most strict safety standards and regulations for elevators and escalators. Equipment procurement, material selection, manufacturing processes, assembling and installation of elevators and escalators are carried out according to the highest standards.

HAUSLIFT elevators & escalators is now operative in 8 countries: Egypt, Emirates, Kenya, Iran, Algeria, Bangladesh, Qatar and Libya.

Our History

HAUSLIFT’s continuous development, improvement by means of the most up to date technology and investment increase, suitably for the market’s needs and abilities, lead its way to be one of the most famous companies in the elevator world.

  • By 1982

    HAUSLIFT elevators & escalators was established, and ever since that date HAUSLIFT has specialized in supplying, installing and maintaining all kinds of elevators.

  • By 1989

    HAUSLIFT elevators & escalators started directing a bigger share of its investment in manufacturing and production of elevators, with co-operation with one of the most powerful and qualified German companies, “Haushahn GmbH“.

  • By 1994

    HAUSLIFT elevators & escalators was classified and registered by "The Building Contractors Union", as a first class company.

  • By 2000

    "HAUSLIFT Egypt" has become a member of “The General Organization of Manufacturing “, as the first Egyptian company in the production of complete elevators , under the supervision of "The Ministry of Industry and Technology Investment".

  • By 2007

    HAUSLIFT U.A.E in Dubai has become HAUSLIFT's sales center Gulf Area and the Far East, responsible for promoting and carrying out HAUSLIFT's elevator works in these territories.