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Give your brand center
stage with ADRail™

Imagine your company's message in the hands of millions of consumers - in full brilliant colours

Wether you want to make your campaigns interactive or simply maintain brand awareness, add value to your promotional mix with this highly visible medium. Spend your advertising budget wisely by incorporating ADRail™ into your marketing strategy.

Where There's Traffic, There's ADRail™

ADRail™ is a popular advertising medium in shopping malls, hotels, sports arenas, transit stations and airports. When given an option, 80% of the public use escalatorsopposed to stairways, with an average duration of 30 seconds in transit. Studies have shown an impressive 54% of escalator passengers recalled the brand name advertised on ADRail™.

ADRail™ Features

    • Vibrant Colors
    • Glossy Finish
    • UV Stability
    • High Resolution
    • Antimicrobial
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Maximum Coverage
    • Durability
    • Quick Installation

ADRail™ enables advertisers to interact with potential customers, where the customers are literally holding the message in their hands for an average of 30 seconds, which gives branding a different meaning!

HAUSLIFT installs the first ADRail™ in Egypt!

HAUSLIFT installed the first ADRail™ in Egypt at City Stars Mall in Cairo. The ADRail™ campaign targeted the new Mosaique dining area and all it's resturants.

To learn more about ADRail™, click here to download our brochure.