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H A U S L I F T ... Your gate to safe motion !

At HAUSLIFT we offer our strong capability, solid experience and the know how to cover a wide range of lift applications starting from small lifts (Dumb waiter for handing food, books,..etc.) up to a very sophisticated hi-tech express elevators up to 4 m/sec speed and up to 10 tons duty load freight, traction or hydraulic lifts. Each one of these kinds has priorities in its performance, according to its demands and tasks in order to achieve perfection of performance for each required function.

Check our new MA1 Traction Machine here.

Residential Elevators Heavy Duty Machine Roomless

HAUSLIFT offers a wide range of options so that our client can choose the most convenient solution within his budget.

We provide you with safe and comfortable motion.

Whether you are seeking luxury for hotels or care and comfort for hospitals, we have what you need !

HAUSLIFT will offer you a smooth and a rapid ride all the way.

Machine roomless systems offer a compact & light lift drive thus allowing more flexibility for designers.

Discover the art and science of lifting people ....

Panoramic Elevators Freight Elevators Dumb waiters

HAUSLIFT has a production line for the most prestigious panoramic lifts.

Each cabin is considered a work of art, designed and finished to meet and fit in each individual project.

The strong and vigorous construction of the Freight Elevators provide the strength and reliability needed.

HAUSLIFT Elevators .... Designed for Life !

HAUSLIFT 's Dumb-waiters serve for lifting up goods in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, libraries, banks and private houses.

The service level is being chosen and decided according to its function ....

Elevator Accessories

  • Machines, Ceiling, Doors, Controllers, Walls, Floors, Control Panels, Hand Rails, Lightning .... Learn more