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Guardian IV 1000

"Safety, Durability and Simplicity"

The Guardian series is a safe, smooth and economical solution. It is designed to enhance its cost effectivness within it’s minimal structure which makes it easier to be installed in a corner just about anywhere and in a short period of time. No shaft or machine room is required, the Guardian series comes with it’s integrated machine and controller. It’s just what you need, where you need it.

A basic solution (figure above to the right) which consists of a passenger platform, surrounded by 3 short sides, one of which has the operating panel and a landing door at each stop. An optional automatic folding ramp makes it easier for wheelchairs to get on the lift.

To ensure safety, the Guardian series provides motion sensors beneath the lift in order to stop the lift in case an obstruction is detected.

According to the customer’s requirements and the space area provided, the Guardian series could be enclosed in a tower, disregarding the sides of the platform as shown in the figure above to the left.

The Guardian series can be implemented indoors or outdoors, covering a wide range of needs and expectations; from bare simplicity (figure above to the right) up to luxurious full cabin designs (figure to the left).

A full height side could be provided with different styles, with an integrated mirrors, spotlights, operating panel and handrail (see figure to the right).

For more information regarding other variations of Guardian IV 1000, please feel free to contact us directly or click here to download our brouchure.