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Home Lift

Comfort Technology at the speed of life

Climbing up the stairs is not an easy task for everyone. HAUSLIFT's "Comfort" lift is part of our residential lift series, designed primarily to provide a comfortable and affordable means of vertical transportation for homes up to 5 floors. While focusing on quality assurance as the utmost priority, reliability and attention to elegant appearance are factors that comfort lift is the most-effective in today's market.

Comfort is an extremely compact machine roomless lift, with its very own steel tower which enables it to be installed in any chosen location, fulfilling our client's needs. The possibility for outer cladding varieties would harmonize with the architectural style and environment. The integrated control panel is located adjacent to the landing door at the last served floor, while the machine is fixed at the top of the shaft, with no need for machine room space.


  • The top notch manufacturing quality is embodied within the precision of each single detail of the Comfort lift.
  • The car is provided with a smoothly folded automatic door, as the most convenient, affordable and safest solution.
  • The limited required shaft dimensions, also for shaft headroom and pit are further advantages gained.
  • An elegant appearance of alternative wall cladding of plastic laminate tiles is chosen and to compliment it, the ceiling is provided with suitable simple lighting.
  • As durability is required, the heavy-duty PVC flooring with granite designs is the most efficient solution.
  • The landing door color finish can be selected from a wide range of RAL color choices.
  • The cabin can be provided with a foldable seat for additional means of a comfortable ride for the elderly.