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Passengers Elevators

Indulge yourself with the experience of our comfort & luxurious models

In residential buildings, HAUSLIFT always offers the perfect and most convenient solution within the client's budget, to move people up and down most smoothly, rapidly and safely, while the aesthetics are duty maintained. Our choice has to be based on performance, economy, safety, reliability, and elegance as most important determinants, while each function lays more weight on one or more of those aspects.

Comfort Models

In your daily life, climbing up the stairs is not one of the easiest tasks for anyone. HAUSLIFT's "PERLA & HAVANA" lifts are designed to provide a comfortable luxurious yet affordable means of vertical transportation for multi storey homes. While focusing on quality assurance, reliability and attention to rich appearance, these lifts are the most cost-effective in today's market.

High Class Models

Lifts are more than a comfortable means of vertical transport. They have a tremendous effect on the image and atmosphere borne in a building. Wherever HAUSLIFT's "LOGEINE" car is chosen, whether it is a residential or commercial building, you will find that its pleasant appearance and attractive details are very eye-catching.